Gallagher Farm and Faith - Simple Steps to Start Simplifying Your Life

Help – I Want To Simplify My Life!

I hear women asking, “Help – I want to simplify my life, but where do I begin?”  and I respond: “Begin with making your bed.” I’m being facetious – but not really. Simplifying begins with straightening one area of your life that is doable and conquerable and building on that momentum. I am sure you’ve seen the viral video about the Admiral who tells graduates if they want to be successful they should make their bed every day. Why? because it builds discipline and it builds a sense of accomplishment. If you haven’t seed this short video – watch it now. I’ll wait for you. I admit I am a bed maker. I make my …

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Gallagher Farm and Faith - Simplifying is a Journey

Simplifying is a Journey

Simplifying is a journey. Embracing simplicity and loving the simple life takes time. It’s not something you will fully embrace or accomplish in 5 Easy to Steps to Simplicity. It’s a journey you may think only involves decluttering or clearing out your schedule to allow for more free time. It’s definitely that but so much more. I promise you once you start down the journey of simplifying your life and embracing simplicity you will find areas for growth. You will find peace and rest moving into your life replacing anxiety and restlessness. You’ll start to make every decision through the filter that asks: “Is this what matters to me?” You will be so refreshed by …

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Gallagher Farm and Faith - understanding the perfectionist

Understanding the Perfectionist

I confess I am a perfectionist.  I find that life can be simplified if we understand ourselves and our strengths. When we come to a solid understanding of who we are we can walk in that and create a life that makes sense for us instead of trying to be someone we aren’t or copy someone’s life that is not realistic for us. Recently I took an Enneagram test which is used to determine one’s primary personality. Of course, mine came back as a Number 1 – The Reformer/Perfectionist. At first, I was upset because I’ve worked hard to not be a perfectionist – even calling myself a “reformed perfectionist” to avoid the stigma associated …

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Gallagher Farm and Faith - simplify your life, make things less complicated

A Key Benefit to Simplifying

Simplifying helps us pay attention. Moses had fled from Egypt after trying to right a wrong on his own. Years passed and he was busy building a life and family for himself in Midian. While doing his job – leading the flock of sheep to pasture – God tried to get his attention. Oh, yes you know the story, right? There was this burning bush and God called out from the bush and gave Moses his marching orders. Yes, but not quite. Take a closer look at Exodus 3:1-4 (NKJV) Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. And he led the flock to the back of the desert, and …

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Gallagher Farm and Faith Redeeming Christmas

Redeeming Christmas

I loved Christmas time so much when I was a kid that it shocks me I ever fell out of love with it. My mom went all out with the decorating, she baked for weeks, made more than a dozen types of cookies, we made candy…it was truly a magical time for me. And yet, as I got older and had my own family, I began to dread the holiday season. What used to be a delight began to feel like a chore – chore upon chore. The expectations were so high I experienced anxiety when the season was upon me. I couldn’t do it all so I began to cut. First to go were …

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Simple Takes You Deeper

Remember when you were a kid and you were so excited when you were allowed into the deeper end of the pool or your parents said you could go deeper into the water at the lake? Have you ever done something that you were afraid or deeply hesitant to do that once you did it was an exhilarating experience that moved you out of your comfort zone and made you braver, stronger, more fulfilled? How did it feel when you stopped playing it safe and dove deeper or climbed higher? When is the day you will stop playing it safe with Jesus? Jesus calls us out of the boat, onto the water, where we can …

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