Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (But Is a Post-It Note Okay?)

After all, the Bible says in I Corinthians 13 (most famously known as the Love Chapter), that love keeps no record of wrongs. You can read the chapter here.

Gallagher Farm and Faith Heart Icon Before we continue it’s important to digest this truth:

If you are keeping a mental or emotional list of wrongs, offenses, hurts, mistreatment, pain, etc. done to you (real or imagined, intentional or accidental) by one or more persons, you are not fully walking in love and may be blocking your own healing.

My Challenge

I’ve always prided (ugh – pride) myself on the fact that I don’t hold grudges. Or at least that’s what I told myself.

I don’t seek revenge or plot to harm and manipulate others.

If I were hurt by you, you would never know because I try to treat everyone the same and act fairly. I believe in second and tenth chances and I believe we all hurt others – often unintentionally and unknowingly – we are flawed people, that’s what we do. The Bible reminds us of this:

“Do not pay attention to everything people say; otherwise you might even hear your servant cursing you. For you know in your own heart that you also have cursed others many times.” (Ecclesiastes 7: 21&22)

If you had asked me if I was a forgiving person I would have responded confidently: “Yes.”

Then I went to my first acupuncture appointment.

Try Something New

I had lived with chronic migraines for close to 30 years, with the last few years getting noticeably worse in frequency and intensity. Yes, I’ve tried everything, I mean everything, but a recent migraine landed me in the ER (again) and I made a vow (again) to find something to rid me of this debilitating condition.

A few friends had mentioned acupuncture. I decided I had nothing more to lose and made my first appointment.

Nervous, apprehensive, but ever hopeful that THIS would be the answer, I felt my heart leap when my acupuncturist told me that of all the ailments she treats she has the most success with migraines.

During the first treatment, I felt a real physical release flow through my body, but it was the emotional release that caught me off guard.

I had a profound and enormously, overwhelming desire – yes desire – to “forgive everybody for everything”!

That’s exactly what went through my mind. No person, in particular, came to mind. No situation of grave offense. No big trauma that I had let simmer.

Just the little offenses over the years, the record of wrongs, so to speak. I hadn’t really thought I was keeping a record of wrongs – maybe just a small Post-It note tucked away in my nightstand drawer.

But, there is was: forgiveness. I needed to let it all go.

Making Space

I always believed our mental and emotional well-being has a direct impact on our physical bodies, but the last several months have shown me this connection in a tangible way.

I’ve continued with acupuncture treatments and the evil migraines have diminished in both frequency and severity.

I no longer live in fear of getting hit with one while traveling or alone or in a place where I can’t get to medicine. I no longer limit my lifestyle out of worry that something will trigger one.

Life is still full of potential hurts and offenses but I am not willing to give room to them in my life. As a friend so eloquently put it when I told her my experience:

Letting go of unforgiveness made space in my life for healing.

Gallagher Farm and Faith - Make Space for Healing - Let Go of Your Record of Wrongs

If you think about it, it just makes sense. We only have so much space in our hearts and minds. What we choose to fill it with has the potential to block out the very things we may want and need. Let’s choose wisely!

What are you holding onto that is taking up valuable space in your heart? When your heart speaks you should listen and take action if necessary. For more on how to free up space in your heart and mind, read this story.

Gallagher Farm and Faith Heart Icon On a Side Note

If you suffer from migraines and just need someone to talk to, contact me on the contact page of my website and we can set up a chat of some sort. I know how hard it is to live with a condition that some people may not understand and how debilitating it can be.

Prayers to you and don’t give up looking for a solution – your body and spirit want to heal!


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