Quietness and Confidence

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

I used to have a small plaque with this verse on it but I never seemed to understand the verse. I used to read it over and over and ponder it but it always eluded me and I was left with a feeling of “What exactly does this mean and why am I so drawn to it if I don’t understand it?”

Over time, that plaque did not survive a move – or two – or a redecorating spree, but the verse remained etched on my heart and I’ve returned to it time and again – always feeling the tug of “this verse is for you…this verse is for you…”

Rest in Returning

It was written to the nation of Israel as God was wooing them back from their wayward ways. They had put their trust in their army, their own strength, and in alliances with other nations like Egypt.

God was telling them throughout the chapter that He is all they need and that if they rely on other things they will eventually be shattered.

But, in verse 18 He assures them that He waits, so that He may be gracious to them and show them mercy (when they return).

Even as they were being prideful children, God was looking ahead to when and how He could show them mercy and grace.

Such a beautiful word picture.

I imagine God sitting high up on a mountain watching his people scramble in futile activity, prideful with their busyness and all they think they are building and accomplishing.

Think of a mother or father observing their child from the sidelines of the playground. “Look at me, Mom – no hands!” “I can go on the slide by myself now! I don’t need any help…”

The parent still watches over the child and then he falls, scrapes an elbow, takes a swing to the side of the head, or gets pushed to the ground by a bigger kid. Where does he run for his confidence and security?

Gallagher Farm and Faith - Quietness and Confidence Shall Be Your Strength

Where You’ll Find Quietness and Confidence

The Lord waits to show you grace and mercy (when you run to Him). And when you return to Him and rest in Him you will be saved.

In quietness (not busyness or chaos) and confidence (knowing you are where you need to be!), you shall find your strength.

Not a momentary strength. Not a re-charging strength to go back to the chaos and striving, but a true strength. The strength of who you are created to be when all the noise of this world is melted away in His presence.

When all your worry and desire to be a somebody, or to be told you are amazing, or to be recognized – when all that goes away – then you will know your true strength.

In quietness and confidence shall be my strength. It’s starting to make sense.

I pray you find rest today. ~ Mary

Hey – are you striving and not able to find lasting peace and rest?

What stops you from laying down the heavy things and resting?

Send me an email on my contact page and I’ll pray for you or leave a comment below and let me know what holds you back from finding your strength in rest.


4 thoughts on “Quietness and Confidence

  1. Mary, I needed this today. Thank you! You referred to a passage we shared one morning at VCA. “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you. He rises to show you mercy. . . “. Such a different view of God than the “hard-nosed Pharasees”present. I don’t have to fear returning to Him. Imagine such a Good who knows me inside-out. That wants to spend time with me. Who takes time with me. And, yes, when I return to Him, He longs to be merciful. To be gracious to me. He even rises to show me compassion. I’m that meaningful to Him! How unlike my family of origin! Oh, for the quiet times to spend with this mighty, merciful, compassionate one.

    • Sharon, thanks for taking the time to reply. I know I need encouraging everyday to stay focused on His peace. I’m blessed that this spoke to you!

  2. Easy to get too busy to hear that still, small voice. Love your reflection and thoughts regarding this verse.

    • I think some people can do it better than others, I don’t know, but for me I have to have a quiet life. It’s interesting how God tugs at us about things and how patient he is to wait for us to be ready to understand!

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