Are You Ready to Find Your Simple?

When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.
~C.S. Lewis

We have been led to believe that filling our lives with more will bring fullness and satisfaction.

The truth  is, a life that is too full leaves no room for excellence. You can identify the essentials that allow you to thrive, build a life around the passions that make you feel alive, and find contentment in simplicity. You don’t need it all, you simply need what you need.

If you’re tired of spending time on things that don’t fulfill you, get started today creating a life that reflects your heart.

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We’ll talk about where you are and where you want to go and if Find Your Simple is right for you.

Find Your Simple

(8 weeks)

This individualized program takes you on an 8-week in-depth journey to gain clarity on what's important in your life and provides steps to align your life with your vision.

With strategic, 1:1 coaching and a framework that guides you step by step, you will find your simple by identifying your core values and creating a vision for what that life looks like.

We'll focus on quick wins to build your confidence and your momentum while setting boundaries and identifying obstacles or roadblocks. You'll begin to see how simplicity brings you closer to your ideal lifestyle and can help you grow closer to God.

Clarity, confidence, and core values will set the foundation for you to pursue your simple, full life.

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How it Works

In Find Your Simple we’ll start with the basics:

60-minute launch call with Mary

We’ll identify your goals and areas of focus

Create an Inspiration Board

Using Padlet or Pinterest to get you started on envisioning your ideal life

Identify your Core Values

Activities to help you identify and clarify

Formulate your Core Values practices

What your life should look like if you were aligning it with your Core Values

Create a Vision Board

One that will inspire you for years to come (your choice of physical or digital)

Complete a Core Values Life Alignment

To identify where your life is currently aligned to your goals and purpose

Additional Support:

60-minute weekly video coaching sessions

Regular e-mail support (e-mails responded to within 48 hours M-F)

Prayer support - I’ll be praying for you every step of the way!


Your Bonus Resource Package includes:

Scripture to apply on your journey

Quotes to keep you motivated

Stories to inspire you

Suggested book titles

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(payment plans available at no additional cost)

Once you’ve completed the program you will have identified your core values that will define your goals and action steps.

As a Find Your Simple graduate you’ll stay on my prayer list and receive weekly e-mail support and encouragement.

Join others on the journey to simplicity: Simple Life Simple Faith Facebook Group

Live Your Simple

(12 weeks) - prerequisite: Find your simple 8 week program

In Live Your Simple we will take your plan and put feet to it. You'll develop your personalized roadmap, set goals, and prioritize action steps.

Here is where you will begin to see simplicity as a way of life and not just a means to an end. Live Your Simple is for the woman who is all in and ready to make meaningful decisions to simplify.

Committing to  a 12-week journey allows you ample to time to set attainable goals and take actionable steps to get you fully on your way to the simple, fuller life you have been envisioning.

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How it Works

90-minute planning call with Mary

We’ll recap where you’ve been, celebrate your success thus far, and make a plan for where you want to go!

Prioritize your Life Alignment

This exercise will get you started on the changes that will impact your life now!

Tackle roadblocks and obstacles

We’ll problem solve and strategize together.

Create your Roadmap to the Simple Life

This will guide you as you make decisions to keep you on track and moving toward the life you envision.

Set goals and subgoals

With action steps and strategies that are doable and attainable - we’re talking real accountability here!

Explore options and role play choices

This will help you when it’s time to make those tough decisions or have the critical conversations.

Revisit and realign your vision board

You’re growing and defining your plan.

Book study and real life application

Commit to simplicity as a spiritual discipline and way of life.

Additional Support:

60-minute weekly video coaching sessions

Daily e-mail check-ins (M-F)

Prayer support - I’ll continue to pray for your daily insight and courage


Your Bonus Resource Package includes:

Love the Simple Life devotional

Simple Life ~ Simple Faith journal to support you on your way to the simple life.

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(payment plans available at no additional cost)

Upon completion of Live Your Simple you will have your simple in sight and your steps prioritized.

You will be seeking simplicity as a way of life and understand how it brings you closer to God and closer to an intentional life. You will be able to apply simplicity in all areas of your life as you make big changes or tweak what’s already working for you.

As a Live Your Simple graduate you’ll stay on my prayer list and receive weekly e-mail support and encouragement. You’ll also receive a discount on future classes or trainings.

Premium Package

Purchase Find Your Simple and Live Your Simple as a package and receive 10% off the price.

You’re ready to be all in!

You’ve had a wakeup call and you’re not turning back!

It’s now or never!


(payment plans available at no additional cost)

Not Ready for a Class? Need a jumpstart?

Book a 90-minute Path to Simplicity Jumpstart Call

Let’s meet and talk simple strategies to simplify where you are right now. Anybody can simplify and reduce stress by setting intentions and employing some easy strategies.

You’ll also receive the mini-devotional, the guide to identifying your core values, and a list of resources to help as you explore the idea of simplifying.


*If you decide to enroll in the Find Your Simple program the cost of the Jumpstart Call will be applied to your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! The 30-minute Explore Call is free and gives both you and me the opportunity to get to know one another and decide if working together makes sense.

The 90-minute Path to Simplicity Jumpstart Call is a one-time paid video conference suitable for women who cannot commit to a program at this time. There is no further obligation.

Nope! I use a tool called Padlet to set up all you will need. It’s free and you can access it easily online or with the mobile app. This is where we will keep all the tools and resources and where we will collaborate. You may also choose to use Pinterest for your Inspiration Board but that will easily link to Padlet.

Not unless those things are what will make you happy! Simplicity goes beyond our material possessions, although that may be an area where you choose to simplify. We’ll talk about all aspects of life from work to volunteering, health and fitness to spiritual disciplines like prayer and meditation. Basically, simplicity is going to look different for each woman and that’s why my program is entitled Find Your Simple.

Good question! No - my background is in education, educational leadership, coaching, training, writing, and project management. I can help you identify your priorities or next steps which might include seeking counseling from a licensed therapist.

Yes - the strategies you’ll learn will help you start simplifying right where you are. Even in small ways simplifying can free up space, provide clarity, and bring you closer to your ideal lifestyle and closer to God. You’ll work to identify what simplicity means to you so you can focus on future goals and take actions to achieve your simple.

Once you complete the Contact Form I will reach out to you to schedule your call within 72 hours. If, after we talk, you choose to purchase the Find Your Simple program, we will get started one week from the time I receive your first payment.

Payment one must be made before we begin, payment two will be due halfway through the program.

I do approach everything from a biblical perspective so there will be references to the Bible in some of the materials you receive.

However, I respect that spirituality is not the same for everyone and I am not attempting to convert anyone. I am open and public about my faith so that I can encourage others to invest in faith and trust in God, but my goal in helping women simplify is not to advocate any particular religion or church denomination.

I welcome women from various walks of life, priorities, and lifestyles. Your simple will not be the same as mine but I will be sharing my story with you which involves my faith and principles.

You’re ready to start simplifying but where to begin?

Download your free mini-devotional

Identifying what’s important to you is the first step to creating a simple, full life.

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“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ~Rumi
"The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage." ~Thucydides
"Certain things catch your eye, but only pursue those that capture your heart." ~Ancient Indian Proverb
"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." ~Henry David Thoreau
"Happiness is a place between too little and too much."
~Finnish Proverb