Simplifying is a Journey

Simplifying is a journey.

Embracing simplicity and loving the simple life takes time. It’s not something you will fully embrace or accomplish in 5 Easy to Steps to Simplicity.

It’s a journey you may think only involves decluttering or clearing out your schedule to allow for more free time. It’s definitely that but so much more.

I promise you once you start down the journey of simplifying your life and embracing simplicity you will find areas for growth. You will find peace and rest moving into your life replacing anxiety and restlessness.

You’ll start to make every decision through the filter that asks: “Is this what matters to me?”

You will be so refreshed by the changes happening around you and inside you, you will not want to live any other way. And you will want to tell others about this journey!

Gallagher Farm and Faith Simplicity Leads to Gratitude

Everyone’s Journey is Different

That being said, as you read this you may be at a certain stage in your journey to simplicity.

Maybe you have a nudge that simplifying is something you want to explore.

Maybe you have been simplifying your environment and working on decluttering but you’re ready to go deeper.

Maybe you don’t understand why living a simple life is a worthy pursuit.

Maybe you don’t know where to begin.

To Do ListI’ve created a list of articles for you to help you on your journey to the simple life. The articles include strategies and steps to take to begin your simple journey. Some articles talk about the “why” behind living a simple life.

All will show you the benefits of pursuing a simple life where your priorities take center stage.

I hope you’ll find the stories from women who have taken steps to simplify and how its impacted their lives both encouraging and inspirational. It takes courage – and a bit of faith – to live the simple life!

Get Started Now!

Grab a cup of tea and click on the links below to read more about living the simple life. Feel your shoulders move away from your ears as you begin to think about a life that is simple and uncluttered!

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  1. Are you sentimental but drowning in nostalgic stuff? I hear you. Check out some things I did to simplify this area of my life.
  2. Just getting started and need a jumpstart?
  3. Why you need margin in your life. This story will give you the courage to make the hard decisions.
  4. Simplify your health and stop trying to be perfect.
  5.  Why you should resolve to be unproductive
  6. Do you look for things and accomplishments to find fulfillment?

Leave a comment below and tell me where you are in the simplifying journey and be sure to share these articles with friends who are pursuing the journey to simplicity.

As always, keep it simple, my friends!

Gallagher Farm and Faith - Your Journey to a Simple Life

Oh, and some of the women noted above have joined me on the journey to a simple life by sharing and engaging with others in my closed Facebook group, Simple Life Simple Faith. We’d love to see you there. Just click on the link and request to join.




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  1. I love that you reminded readers that this journey is different for everyone! I think that’s the beauty of embracing a simple life – not focusing on check lists and mandatory purges or numbers of acceptable items. But truly living simply!

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