Gallagher Farm and Faith - Lean Into Your Pain and Find Healing

Lean Into Your Pain and Find Healing

What do you do with pain?  What if I told you that sometimes the best way to heal is to lean into the pain? The natural reaction to pain is to turn away from it. When something causes us pain, emotionally or physically, we tend to shy away, run away, or do everything we can to avoid the situation, person, or position that is causing the pain.  Pain Grows and Distorts As pain grows it distorts and leaves you feeling empty because it consumes all your energy on a regular basis. I battled chronic neck pain for most of my adult life. The pain and inflammation increased in such intensity that I had unbearable pain radiating …

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Gallagher Farm and Faith - Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (But Is a Post-It Note Okay?)

After all, the Bible says in I Corinthians 13 (most famously known as the Love Chapter), that love keeps no record of wrongs. You can read the chapter here.  Before we continue it’s important to digest this truth: If you are keeping a mental or emotional list of wrongs, offenses, hurts, mistreatment, pain, etc. done to you (real or imagined, intentional or accidental) by one or more persons, you are not fully walking in love and may be blocking your own healing. My Challenge I’ve always prided (ugh – pride) myself on the fact that I don’t hold grudges. Or at least that’s what I told myself. I don’t seek revenge or plot to harm …

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Gallagher Farm and Faith - Hearing God's Voice When It's Only a Whisper

A Whisper in the Lilacs

Have you ever wished that God would speak to you to direct or guide or comfort you? He can and He does and once I heard His voice as a whisper in the lilacs. “It’s May.  The lilacs are in bloom.”  I thought.  They were my favorite flower.  I  loved their rich purple hue and strong perfume-like scent.  Their fragrance fills the whole house and their presence in any room announces that spring has arrived. This particular spring, however, I could not enjoy them, nor did I think I would make it home to see them before their brief bloom period was over. My life at the moment revolved around a hospital room on the …

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