What is the Value of What You Pursue?

“There is no such thing as absolute value in this world. You can only estimate what a thing is worth to you.” ~Charles Dudley Warner, essayist and novelist

What Do You Value?

What is the value of peace of mind, integrity, freedom, balance, or fulfillment? The value we place on these intangibles is shown in the life choices we make.

* If we value peace of mind we will remove ourselves from situations and relationships that cause disharmony.

* If we value freedom we will guard it, fight for it, and flee any situation or person that puts us in bondage.

* If we value integrity we will make tough choices and decisions to guard our integrity and character.

* If we value balance in our lives we will make time for the things our bodies, minds, and relationships need.

* If we value fulfillment we will choose activities that nourish our souls.

Show me the way you spend the majority of your time and money, and the choices you make daily, and I will tell you what you value.

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”  ~Henry David Thoreau

Placing Value on the Right Things

Sometimes we place value on something based on a price tag, or a paycheck, or a dollar amount.

Some time ago, I was perusing items at a garage sale that featured mostly gently used baby items. I didn’t need baby items but something caught my eye.

The slightly used store-bought comforter set was wrapped up in plastic with a hefty price tag of $150.00. Tossed to the side of that was a dear baby quilt hand stitched with Winnie the Pooh characters made from scraps of material and clothing. It was priced at $1.00.

My hand  instinctively reached for the hand-stitched quilt when the woman said, “Oh, my grandma made that, you can have it for a buck.” What would you have done? Yes, I snatched it for a buck!

Taking that made-with-love quilt home made me feel like I had placed value on the love her grandmother had sewn into that quilt. I never had the chance to have a grandmother sow anything into my life because I lost one when I was a baby and the other was lost to our family in a different way.

If my grandmother hand stitched this for my baby, I’d never let it go – not for a million dollars, I thought.

Rescuing handmade items is something I often do. It’s my way of showing value to something others have discarded and to the person who made it.

The little wooden farmhouse pictured below is one of my rescues. It’s been with me through three moves and four houses and has served as a symbol of the farmhouse I would one day have (and now do!).

I added the paint and curtains to freshen it up recently to reflect that it was now mine…a dream that had come true.

I place value on dreams and spend a lot of time cultivating them.

Do you have a dream that needs cultivating or pursuing? This story may help you.

Gallagher Farm and Faith - Turn My Eyes From What is Worthless - Show Me What to Value

What are you cultivating today?

What do you value and are your actions in line with your core values?

How can you make choices to simplify and streamline your life to better reflect those values and nurture them?

Leave a comment below and tell me how you make choices that reflect your core values.

May your prayer be:

Turn my eyes from what is worthless. – Psalm 119:37

~ Mary

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  1. I love your comments on balance in one’s life. That is something I am struggling with, but have a plan to improve my situation.

    Also, love the Thoreau quote!!

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